Carriage House Stamped

Mar 14, 2023

Project Description

Stamped Carriage long panel shown in cedar woodtone

The Classic Carriage House Garage Door Revived

Look closely!  Is that a gorgeous wooden garage door I see?

Many would be surprised to find that these, traditionally wooden, Carriage garage doors are actually made out of steel and designed with handcrafted digital prints.  However, at first glance, they are almost indistinguishable from the old wooden Carriage doors of the past.

Stamped Carriage long panel shown in driftwood woodtone

The Carriage House Stamp garage door is a unique door we offer that makes up for the disadvantages many wood doors have, while providing further benefits at an affordable price.  You will NOT have to worry about the expense of the continuous yearly upkeep a natural wooden door requires (e.g., repainting, refurnishing, bug prevention and treatment).  The Carriage House Stamp garage door comes equipped with a UV clear coat, giving you effortless maintenance at a more cost-efficient price.  Another advantage to the Carriage House Garage door is its strong, durable steel composition.  This will give your garage door a longer life expectancy and greater resistance to elements such as moisture (e.g., rain, snow, humidity), which is the greatest disadvantage of wood.  Also, take into account that wood doors are usually sold at a higher price.  Therefore, why not go with a door which provides all the stability steel has to offercomes at an affordable priceAND still presents you with the captivating beauty of a pristine, wooden garage door?

How can the Stamp House garage door look so identical to wood?—

The elegant design on the Carriage House Stamp garage door is created by using a no repeat pattern that imitates top-grade, natural wood.  Each section of the garage door will be completely different from any other section, which gives this door the realistic appearance of wood with all of its finer details.  These doors are offered in various wood accents, such as cedar and driftwood (as shown above), and others you can browse in the Accents Woodtone Brochure.  You also have the opportunity to pick and choose the window design, decorative hardware, and the insulation for your door as you please, giving you the freedom to create a garage door you will be 100% satisfied with.

For more information on the Stamped Carriage House garage door, please refer to our Stamped Carriage House page or our Carriage House Stamped Series Brochure.  We are here to help!  Contact Us to learn more about this timeless garage door.

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