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— James George, President

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Beware of Unlicensed Contractors

The garage door industry has received a lot of negative publicity over the years. Door companies have been caught selling products to customers they didn’t need for financial gain or out of inexperience. While a company can be around for many years, it is the quality and experience of the technician sent to your home that determines whether “your” best interests will be served. If a garage door technician or a salesman doesn’t know what the problem is, he is more likely to try and sell you something new to cover the fact that he really doesn’t know what the problem is. Or are they paid a commission and motivated by personal financial gain instead of meeting your needs? The result can be a costly one.

We know you are looking for value, quality products, great warranties with experience to get the job done right. However, we also understand that means placing your trust in whoever comes to your house or business. We hope you choose us but even if you don’t, please take a moment to verify they hold a current Nevada contractor’s license with a C3 or C3-D classification for overhead doors. We would hate for you to be misled by a bogus license number or even a licensed contractor performing work outside their scope/classification. The mistake can cost you more than money and should be reported to the Nevada State Contractors Board.