FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS2018-11-06T16:01:17-08:00
Do you perform any services in California?2018-08-08T15:24:46-07:00

No.  We are not licensed currently with the California Contractors State License Board.  However, you should always make sure any contractor you are hiring holds a current contractor’s license for overhead doors in the state you are having the work performed.  George & Sons Garage Doors has a valid Nevada contractor’s license (#0076816), and we are licensed, bonded, and insured!

How frequently should my garage door be serviced?2018-08-08T15:24:19-07:00

Once a year.  Garage doors and openers have many parts that need maintenance as the frequency of use, the weight of the door, and even the weather all affect their performance.  Annual maintenance is recommended to keep your garage door and opener correctly functioning and to ensure they will not fail to operate at an inconvenient time.  In fact, a large number of the emergency calls we receive are due to lack of maintenance.  If you have not had your garage door serviced within a year, then we can schedule maintenance services on an annual basis to give you peace of mind.  Give us a call or Contact us!  You can depend on our quick and reliable service to guarantee your garage door is in top condition and will work when needed!

How much does a garage door cost?2018-08-06T10:48:29-07:00

The price of a garage door depends on the quality of materials; with a higher quality door comes a higher rate.  We offer a diverse range of affordable garage doors with various features that will accommodate any customer’s budget.  We are entirely committed to making sure you find the appropriate garage door that suits your needs, and strongly advise you to take advantage of our free consultation.  Our consultations give you the freedom to ask our experienced technicians questions, get recommendations, and make your own decision on a door you love at no additional charge.  Also, feel free to browse our door options for Residential and Commercial doors!

How to make sure unauthorized remotes cannot gain access to my garage?2018-08-14T09:44:27-07:00

Completely reset your garage door opener and your remote control.  You can then reprogram your remote control and ensure that access to your garage is safe and secure.  However, if your garage door is an older model and uses a dip switch factory set, then you will have to change the dip switch code for the remote control and the opener.  Make sure to ask your technician if you need your remote control reset!

What causes garage door springs to break?2018-08-06T10:45:10-07:00

Springs are gauged on life cycle (i.e., how many times the garage door opens or closes) instead of age.  The rate at which the cycle life of a spring decreases depends entirely on how frequently the garage door is used.  The more a spring’s cycle life diminishes, the closer the spring gets to a breaking point.  Using your garage door on a daily basis will cause this continuous wear on the spring, which leads it to fracture and snap.  Springs will naturally loosen with usage and sometimes require an adjustment or a replacement altogether.  If one spring breaks, the other is soon to follow and is best to replace both at the same time.  If you feel you need your springs checked, please do not hesitate to Contact us for a replacement or an adjustment!

Can you program a remote without having access to the opener?2018-08-14T09:43:32-07:00

No.  There are safety measures put in place by the garage door opener manufacturers that prevent you from programming a remote without having access to the opener inside the garage.  This precaution is for security reasons that prevent any unauthorized outside sources from gaining access to your garage.  Therefore, the only way to program your remote is to attain direct access to the opener.  If you need assistance in programming your remote control, give us a call, and one of our technicians can come out to help!

My garage door opens a few inches then stops. What should I do?2018-08-08T15:20:06-07:00

Look above the garage door and locate the springs.  Check to see if there is a separation in the spring coil.  Call us immediately if this is the case.  Do not attempt to lift the garage door using the opener or try moving it manually.  Doing so may damage your equipment (e.g., gears inside opener, trolley assembly) or cause you bodily harm.  Give us a call, and one of our trained technicians will be happy to come out and assist you!

My garage door closes a few inches then stops. What should I do?2018-08-14T09:42:33-07:00


The first thing to check for is the alignment of your photo eyes (safety sensors) which should be about 6 inches above the ground.  Sometimes it is simply that one of the photo eyes was accidentally bumped and is out of alignment.  Check that both sides are correctly aligned and that both show a strong LED light on them.  If one light is dim or you don’t see a light, start with realigning that photo eye.  Make small adjustment using the pivot bracket by loosening the wing nut.  It is likely to be loose already.  You will move until you see the LED light is bright and then tighten.  You should also make sure the photo eye on the opposite side is tight.


The first thing to check for is the alignment of your photo eyes (safety sensors) which should be about 6 inches above the ground.  Sometimes it is simply that one of the photo eyes was accidentally bumped and is out of alignment.  Check that both sides are correctly aligned and that both show a strong red LED light on them.  If one light is blinking, start with realigning that photo eye.  Make small adjustment using the metal bracket.  It is likely to be loose already.  You will move until you see the red LED light is bright and solid and then tighten the bolt.  You should also make sure the photo eye on the opposite side is tight.

Regardless of brand, make sure to check for any obstructions that could be blocking the path of the photo eye laser (e.g., cobwebs, bags, brooms), and nothing has become twisted in the wires.  Sunlight can also blind the receiving sensor.  Any interference with their alignment will cause problems with the operation of the garage door and prevent it from opening properly.  Give us a call if you are still unable to identify the cause, and we will get the problem diagnosed and fixed in no time!

My garage door is coming down at a crooked angle. What should I do?2018-08-14T09:41:50-07:00

You should call for repair immediately.  Do NOT attempt to force the garage door closed or cut any cables.  Professional tools are necessary to correct this problem, and any attempt to force the door shut in this situation will only cause further damage to the components of your garage door.  We offer 24-hour emergency service for this type of problem, so do not hesitate to give us a call!

My garage door opener remote stopped working. What should I do?2018-08-14T09:41:14-07:00

Check each remote control to see if they all resemble the same problem.  If only one remote is not working, it could be as simple as replacing the battery.  However, if you have replaced the battery but still can not get the remote to work, then the garage door remote may need to be paired with the opener.  In the case that all remotes are not working, you may have a problem with the logic board or there may be an interference with the frequency.  We are here to hep!  Contact us and we will get you taken care of!

What can I do about the screeching sound my garage door makes?2018-08-14T09:40:29-07:00

Lubricate the hardware on your door (e.g., hinges, rollers, bearings, torsion spring).  Avoid WD-40 as any lubricant used on garage doors should be silicone based.  Also, lubricate the track where the trolley pulls the door back and forth.  If the sound continues, the rollers likely need to be replaced, but other parts could be at fault.  Rollers will naturally wear down over time and will cause a squeaking sound every time the door is opened or closed.  Replacing old rollers is a quick and affordable repair, and the rollers we install come with a lifetime warranty.  Contact us, and we will be glad to help!

How to check if my photo eyes are on and connected?2018-08-14T09:39:32-07:00

Check to see that there is a bright LED light on the side of your photo eye.  The light signifies that the photo eyes are on.  On the opposite photo eye, you should see another LED light.  Different brands have different color lights.  The light shows that the two photo eyes are connected.  Depending on brand, the LED light may be dim, not on, or blinking, which means that the photo eyes are not aligned, or it could indicate that there is a problem with the wiring.  In which case, please contact us so we can get this resolved!

How can I prepare my garage for a garage door installation?2018-08-14T09:38:03-07:00
  • Remove any vehicles inside the garage.
  • Keep the driveway clear.
  • Clear space inside your garage 10 feet back from the garage door.
  • Clear the ground of any items (e.g., rocks, glass, nails).
  • Remove any items hanging from the rafters.

These measures are important for preventing any damage to your property, and for guaranteeing your safety and the safety of the technician.

Why should I get an insulated door?2018-08-06T19:25:20-07:00

Insulated garage doors offer the highest durability against the weather, as well as greater protection against minor impacts in comparison to non-insulated doors.  The insulation allows for your garage and its contents to stay at a more comfortable temperature, and prevents the heat or cold from seeping into your home, allowing you to save on energy expenses.  Insulated garage doors are also much quieter when compared to non-insulated doors.  We highly recommend insulated garage doors to combat the varying temperatures we have in Northern Nevada.  All of the doors we offer can be equipped with insulation, so please refer to our Residential and Commercial doors for more information.  We also recommend that you get perimeter seal (weatherstripping) installed around the door to cover any gaps between your walls and the garage door to get the most benefit from your insulated garage door.  Contact us if you have further questions about insulating your garage door!

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